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Old school? New School? Unknown school? I have you covered. I've had the fortune to open for some pretty amazing DJ's, tear apart a ton of NYE throw downs, rock 80th b-day celebrations, entertain party people at on-snow winter events, get guests dancing at glitzy Ritz-Carlton galas, flip weddings reception dance parties upside down, DJ a sunscreen companies' talent search, DJ a few old school hip-hop parties at Burning Man, and a ton of other unique events. The music and vibe might change, but the party people are still party people.

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It's a real honor when a couple asks me to DJ their wedding. It's probably 75% of the events I do. Professional audio for the ceremony, fresh music for your cocktail hour, and a damn good time on the dance floor. This is where you find me dressed in a nice shirt with some clean khakis and a fresh pair of shoes. Most people would say I actually look like a wedding DJ. Check out for more info. 


Looking for someone to turn your party into a concert? I might be able to do that. Rocking a party isn't just playing some music over a powerful sound system. It's 1/2 art and 1/2 science. The art comes from knowing the music and being creative, the science comes from experience and the skillset to do keep it fresh and unexpected. Spotify can play the hits, but an actual  DJ can rock a party. 


Looking for some entertainment? Someone your HR department can trust, (clean tracks and appropriate topics), I have you covered. From Motown to classic rock, EDM to Pop, and from jock jams to background music, I can help create the exact atmosphere you need to accomplish your goals. For equipment, I have access to anything your company needs for an impressive and successful meeting or party. 


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1950S AND 1960S MIX

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“All our guests said the music was sooo great, and they’d never danced that much at a wedding!!” Kelsey S.


“Our guests were begging for the music to keep going once we hit the end of the night!” Heather H.

“We had so many people tell us that it was the best wedding that they have been to and I know we owe a BIG part of that to Matt.” Caitlyn M.

“But on the day of, he'll be a subtle magician, conjuring vibes and atmosphere with the gentlest mixing of tunes.”   David P.

“...but by the end of the night, all the wedding guests were in 2 lines facing one another having a full-fledged dance battle.” Elizabeth N.

"He kept everyone dancing until they kicked us out. Can't beat that!" Heather F.


How It All Began

This is the section where I'm supposed to write about myself but do in the third person as if someone else wrote it. OK, here it goes: Matt, aka DJ Silver Boombox, loves music. He plays the drums too. That's where it all started when he was just a young lad growing up in Albany, NY. His parents bought him a drum set, not knowing it would become his after school obsession. That led to a set of turntables with his original focus being record scratching. 
He never set out to be a professional DJ, but if you've read Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, he qualifies based on the 10,000-hour rule.

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236 Bennett St, Grass Valley, CA 95945, USA

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