I got my own gear. Lights, speakers, mics, etc. I even bring my own table. 




This is my specialty. It's what I do. Fog machines, fancy lights that go with the music, lasers, etc. I own the highest SPL self powered subwoofer money can buy. You will feel the bass. When I'm hired for a party, it is turntables only. A true DJ, doing DJ type stuff. 



Ahh. Weddings. You want a party type environment at your wedding. People dancing, doing the worm, hi fivin' each other. I know what you're thinking. It's a wedding but more of a party. I, as the Silver Boombox Thief generally wear an Adidas Track Suit when I perform. If you want this at your wedding, awesome. If you want a more traditional looking wedding DJ, please check out my sister site where you can hire the alter ego of the Silver Boombox Thief. This side of my dj business is: Someone Said Yes!

Corporate Event


Depends now. What type of company are you? The wine and light beer type? I can do it, sure, but I'd prefer a corporate event where people get loose. The type where a few Jager Bombs go down. More party, less corporate. I think you know what I'm saying. So, if you want a DJ wearing an Adidas Track Suit, this is the place to find him. If your Human Resources Director wants someone wearing a suit and tie, check out my sister site: Someone Said Yes. 

Sweet 16's / school dance parties


This most likely is not the place to find a DJ for an event where the average age is under 21. Why? I play music that has bad words and might have adult topics. Please check out my sister site: Someone Said Yes. This is where you'll find a khaki pant wearing DJ that has a ton of school dance experience. He also has the "clean" version of all the music your kids or students really like.